Merry Minty Holidays

Plants in the mint family are among the easiest herbs to grow. In fact, many gardeners complain that they take over the herb garden if you don’t control them. If you grew mint in your garden last summer and gathered some to dry, holiday time is the perfect time to bring them out to make tea, potpourri and festive jams and jellies. If you saved a plant or two to grow in your kitchen window, you have the delightful benefit of fresh mint leaves to use for colorful garnishes in holiday dishes, sweets or drinks. Fresh mint also adds an aromatic surprise to holiday wreathes and floral centerpieces. If you didn’t save mint from your summer garden, don’t despair. Dried mint is readily available in bulk from your local health food store, and you can often find fresh mint in the refrigerated vegetable section. So don’t hold back. A pot of steaming water on the back of the stove with a spoonful of dried mint leaves sprinkled in adds a festive aroma to your home. A cup of mint tea will relax and warm you after a day out in the cold, and settle an upset stomach brought about by flu or unfortunate food choices. And for the ultimate wintertime luxury, make a strong mint tea by infusing dried leaves in boiling water, strain, and add to a hot bath. Light some scented candles, and enjoy the long winter’s night. Riverwest Currents – Volume 1 – Issue 11 – December 2002