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“Rich” Condo Owners

I make it a point to visit the Fuel Cafe once a week to remind myself of what I once was. Young. The only substantive difference between those of us in downtown condos and patrons of the Fuel Cafe is age. When I was young, I also sat in cafes and listened to tunes and […]

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Buying A Home

Buying a home is the single largest investment you will make in your life and will become the foundation of your financial future. If done correctly you will make money. If done incorrectly you will lose money. It’s better to make money.

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The Need for Leadership

How often events turn on the strength of leadership. The Milwaukee mayoral race is about leadership — not leadership as an abstract concept but the actual ability to guide, direct, influence and motivate. It is preferred that our next mayor be a leader. I don’t see that trait apparent in either of our choices.

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