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Bridging the Divide

A project along the Milwaukee River has potential to be a great example of how inter-governmental bodies, non-profits, and developers can work together to create a green infrastructure for its citizens…

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Help Worms Help Your Garden

It may be too early to plant those tender seedlings, but it’s a great time to turn ordinary dirt into rich nutritious garden soil that plants will thrive in later. A great way to start is to add vermipost to your garden. Vermipost is a type of rich organic material that is produced by worms. […]

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The Urban Garden: Canyons in the City

March may seem early to think about gardening in Wisconsin, but soon Tulips and Daffodils will be blooming. It is a good time to plan for planting your yard. What follows is a story about an area that most folks do not consider garden space — that unusual space in the city landscape: the canyons […]

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A Day in the Greenfolks Garden

It’s Saturday morning, and my husband Tony and I finish our coffee early. We gather up supplies: gloves, weed trimmers, shovels, and rakes, and head off to the garden. Today it resembles a miniature jungle. Recent rains after a long dry spell have prompted the plants (vegetables, flowers and weeds alike) into a rush of […]

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