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A Conversation with Dan Leonhardt, Sculptor

by Abigail M. Wolfe Dan Leonhardt has a definite attraction to working out artistic ideas in a material-based way. His work expresses many parts of the sculpture spectrum, from very solid and imposing pieces all the way to delicate and graceful expressions. The concepts of stability and balance seem to permeate Dan’s works. We caught […]

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Saved by the Light

by Janice Christensen The gallery shines like a little jewel from the side of the red brick building on Center and Bremen, just around the corner from Fuel Cafe. Saved by the Light Gallery is chock full of glowing, multi-colored art; sculptures made of found objects and fiber optics; television sets playing videos of old […]

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Southwest and Tex-Mex Music at Gilfest

by Kathy Sahagian One of the more unusual and enjoyable small festivals in Milwaukee is Gilfest. It’s small in size but big on national recording artists and heart. Gil has earned a reputation as a true music lover through his intimate concerts in his upstairs lounge. His yearly festival covers Tex-Mex, rockabilly, country and other […]

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