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Guitar & Sex Festival

Many local music lovers as well as musicians are disappointed with the selections offered at Summerfest. Guitar & Sex Festival is an exciting, one-day event to celebrate talented local musicians that are ignored by Summerfests organizers. Guitar & Sex Festival brings you a variety of age groups and musical genres at a low-cost in a […]

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July 2003

Pictured above: “Untitled,” an acrylic painting featured at Greer Oaks Gallery, 2463 N. Palmer St., 264-2049. The artist, Daryl Harris, is a member of ABEA. He has created a stir with his “Train” series, a 40-painting study of national and global race relations focusing on African descendants and whites, though the above painting is not […]

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One Drum: A Review

by Jeremy Berg At first it seems that Shank Hall is the wrong venue for One Drum. There are tables and chairs right up front, and if ever there was a band to get up and dance to, it’s One Drum. Inside of 20 minutes, though, I’m proved wrong…

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