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Milwaukee Makes Place DO YOU HAVE A SPECIAL PLACE YOU’D LIKE TO SHARE? A new online scrapbook is collecting photos and stories from City of Milwaukee neighborhood residents. Charles Vestal thinks more people should know about the Fondy Farmer’s Market. “I like to go there because it is a festive place with vegetables on sale, and because it brings together people from different backgrounds.” John Eklund’s contribution calls attention to the place at our feet with photos of the sidewalk stamped City of Milwaukee. “There was a time when local government in the city was expected to do things for the community and we were happy about this, maybe even proud.” Yves LaPierre enjoys the strange combination of St. Hyacinthe Church and abandoned gas station located near 15th & Becher. “The charm shines through the decrepitude.” TO CONTRIBUTE YOUR PHOTO OR STORY: e-mail or mail Milwaukee Makes Place, PO Box 324, Milwaukee, WI 53201 TO VIEW THE SCRAPBOOK: visit The deadline to participate is September 30, 2003 — please act quickly!