A message from the Publisher Vince Bushell

We, Lee Ann and Vince, have run into a problem with the GoFundMe site. We thank everyone who contributed and we apologize if you are getting a refund message from GoFundMe. We are not quite sure of the reason. They have indicated something is wrong with our information about the business. Our paper is not classified as a non-profit. We just do not make a profit, at least not for 10 years or more. I love doing our monthly paper and have committed myself to continue as long as I can.

I corrected information that was on our bank account with our Credit Union. At this time all information is correct for our accounts. It was an oversight on my part to not correct this sooner. We have been operating for these past twenty years with a couple of addresses and only a few people listed on our accounts.

At this time we have our tax number, or EIN number correct, our address correct, and ownership in my name.

GoFundMe has not indicated what is wrong, only suggested a number of items. I am tired of playing a guessing game with them. If you receive a refund you of course may keep it or if you wish donate it directly to the Riverwest Currents rather than going through the agency.

It is all a matter of trust. I do not take a salary and all donations to the Currents will be used for present and future operating expenses. Lee receives payment for Advertising Sales and Distributions and some editorial duties.

I apologize for this situation but I assure you we will continue publishing the Riverwest Currents. With or without any GofundMe money.

Thanks and Sincerely

Vince Bushell, Publisher of the Riverwest Currents