“People are dying from flu too.”

A Response

November 27, 2020

To: Family and Friends, all Fellow Americans

When we last talked, you mentioned something I’ve heard throughout this year, 2020.

It has been confusing for me.

How is it acceptable to imply that some people are taking COVID-19 too seriously because they do not also recognize the many people who die from Influenza (flu) or other tragedies, like car accidents, every year. I’m unclear about the willingness and justification to “call out” this perceived lack of compassion.

At this moment, a minimum, 260,000 people in the U.S. have died from Coronavirus-related causes. This number will continue to increase due to: the holidays ahead, celebrating indoors, the yet to be reported final statistical review, and lack of confirmation for cause of deaths in nursing homes, care facilities, assisted living accommodations, Group Home accommodations, prisons and criminal justice centers.  

Summary of annual reported deaths in U.S.:

2020 (to date) Coronavirus: approx. 260,000

Influenza related: approx. 30,000

Car related: approx. 39,000

It seems to me that if someone dies of the flu, a car crash or coronavirus, that is still a death and there is no comparison, it’s just bad!

We’ve learned more about how Coronavirus attacks human systems. There are effective actions to be taken which reduce its spread of infection.

I urge everyone to make a difference.

Wear a mask.

Wash your hands.

Keep a distance.

Stay home

“We the People” do not have to wait for courts or politicians to tell us what we must do.

We know how to reduce deaths:

More of us should regularly get a flu shot annually. Z

More of us should obey speed limits and use seat belts.

More of us should follow the 4 safety measures of Coronavirus.

We are in this together. 

With My Love

Lorraine Jacobs