by George Martin

Trump’s first term, in which he lost the popular vote, has been the absolute worst in US history. His administration has the greatest turnover in cabinet members, appointees, and staff. It has been clear from the beginning that this Trump administration has been self-centered and based upon Trump’s personal point-of-view, not one of working with experienced experts.
In foreign policy, our international role has deteriorated to an all-time low with Trump’s relationships with dictatorships and withdrawal from many international agreements and institutions. This places us at risk of nuclear war and the ecological destruction of our planet.
In domestic policy, Trump — with a Republican majority US Senate and a politically based federal court system — has suppressed democratic legislation by the US House of Representatives and bullied a racist agenda of immigration policy, voter suppression, health and economic repression for the majority of our country, both rural and urban. 
Donald Trump has no interest in doing the ethical work of the presidency, but only helping himself and his friends to wealth.
Do you want to be fairly and justly treated by our federal and local government?

Do you want the COVID-19 Pandemic to be better managed, as we have lost the lives of 222,000 US citizens to-date, and the pandemic grows, threatening your life and those of your loved ones?
Do you want to maintain your current health care system as the country strives for universal coverage and affordable drug costs in this pandemic?
Do you want an economy that reduces the growing gap between the rich and the poor, beginning with fair taxation, access to family sustaining jobs, upward mobility for all? 
Do you want to maintain our Social Security System that supports our retired seniors, your relatives, and will support you, today’s workers, who pay into it and will benefit from your earnings in the future?
Do you want equal law enforcement protection in all our communities? Do you want our much-needed police to focus on crime while other professionals take the lead in mental health, domestic violence, school and homeless issues, etc.?

Do you believe in democracy, racial equality, nonviolence, peace, and an environment that sustains the air that we breath, the water that we drink and the food that we grow? 
Obviously, we must Dump Trump and vote for Biden/Harris in the November 3rd election. Moreover, we need a landslide to overcome the Electoral College, voter suppression including the legal challenges to the right to vote, mail-in voting including deadlines and election day difficulties in voting safely in this pandemic. Early voting has begun and continues to hit record numbers across the nation.

Be a part of this Dump Trump landslide:
Make a voting plan: go to to check your voter info, ballot and polling place. Decide when and how you will vote. Remember to bring your Wisconsin I.D. or Driver’s License. (An outdated one will be excepted if not more than 2 years old.) If not registered by election day, same day registration at your voting site with acceptable proof of residence for at least 28 days per the Milwaukee Election Commission website.
Ask your family, friends, and co-workers if they have a voting plan. Get others to make a voting plan.

In this pandemic era, Souls to the Polls is offering free and safe Uber and Lyft rides for Early Vote (Oct. 20- Nov. 1) and Election Day (Nov.3). Call Free Rides Hotline – 414-246-1823.

To help expedite voting, be a Poll Worker: call the City Election Commission at 414-286-3491or go to their website to see if Election Day Poll Worker positions are available at $230 for a full day shift.
For clarification: Election Observers are volunteer positions appointed by political parties or are nonpartisan who observe the polling site or vote counting.

There are strict regulations regarding election site operation including poll workers and election observers, especially no politicizing within 100 feet of the polling site. 

Beyond that 100-foot barrier, voter intimidation may occur and has been promoted by Trump. I am working with a national project called Election Defenders and if anyone is interested in working with me on that, please email George Martin at 

No human being is perfect. No political candidate or party platform satisfies all our desires. Former President Obama recently stated, “The fact that we don’t get 100% of what we want is not a good reason not to vote. We have to vote and work for what we want.”
This is the Most Important Election in our Lifetime. We Must Vote Biden/Harris and Dump Trump.

George Martin,, is an activist, trainer and lecturer serving the MLK Justice Coalition, Peace Action, and MKE. He is an independent socialist.