by Lee Gutowski

Jim and Marty at Linneman’s Riverwest Inn want to keep the music coming, but really, really do not want to get COVID-19. Of course, they don’t want their patrons getting sick either, but they certainly still want to provide a place for folks to safely gather for live music.
So, they spent a lot of time and money having plexiglass shields installed along the bar; stocking up on single-use, recyclable drink cups; making sanitizing “stations” throughout the bar; and setting up an awesome multi-camera live recording system in the music room, where Linneman’s is now hosting live-streamed (and sometimes before a live in-house audience) shows.
The Linneman’s also invested in windscreens for the microphones – another safety measure for the performers and audience members. “I figure they add an extra element of safety so people can feel that much more comfortable,” Jim Linneman explains. Jim and Marty have implemented a system where after a windscreen is used by one person, it gets disinfected thoroughly before being used again. “The virus doesn’t live on surfaces for more than 72 hours, so we disinfect the screens immediately,” Jim Linneman stressed, “but we have plenty of brand-new windscreens in the package that haven’t even been broken out yet.”
The three-camera livestream makes for a much more dynamic experience for the audience. Instead of the whole show being presented straight-on with one camera, you get to view the performance from 3 different angles; in addition, the fabulous sound system has high-tech mics set up so that you not only hear everything that’s emanating from the stage, but also the ambient sound of the room, which means you get a more immediate, full-bodied listening experience.
If you want to head out (or not even leave the house!) to have a live show experience again, you can rest assured that Linneman’s will provide a safe and robust experience whether you’re sitting on your couch or in the music room at the club. Or at the bar in the club for that matter. And if perchance you forget your mask, there will be disposable masks available behind the bar.
Social distancing will also be looked after – seating has been thinned out and rearranged to make room for the six-feet-of-separation rule both at the bar and in the music room.
Linneman’s brought back their open mic night, and there will be a few online-only (with no live audience) shows as well as one show with an audience in the month of September. Check out the schedule below and then check out the live music that we’ve grown to count on from Linneman’s Riverwest Inn!

September 2, 9, 16, 23 and 30:
ACOUSTIC OPEN MIC. 7-11pm. Doors open at 7; sign up list goes out at 7:30; music starts at 8.

Saturday, September 5: BILL CAMPLIN BAND
(Livestream show only). 8-10pm. Stream here: Donate here: or venmo@linnemans.

Friday, September 11: MKE MUSIC NIGHT XVII (In Person and Streaming show!). 7:30-11:30pm. $10. For more details, see Linneman’s FB page or website.

Friday, September 18 BRISTLEHEAD (Streaming only show.) 8-10pm. Enjoy from the comfort of your own home, and sample some of the hundreds of Mike Fredrickson songs you so enjoy. Fredrickson will be singing and playing bass, along with Jason Klagstad on guitars, Bob Jennings on keyboards and sax, and Dave Braun on drums. (Show streaming live at 8pm on Linneman’s Facebook page. Tips for artists and venue are greatly appreciated. Virtual tip jar: or venmo@linnemans)

Saturday, September 26: JAG’S 30th BIRTHDAY STREAM. 8-11pm. Live from Linneman’s Facebook page! Featuring original music from California Jeff (8pm), Mon J Rane (9pm) and Whiskey and the Devil (10pm). (Show streaming live at 8pm on Linneman’s Facebook page. Tips for artists and venue are greatly appreciated. Virtual tip jar: or venmo@linnemans)