by Vince Bushell

Sarah does much of her work by appointment, but she does have walkin hours at her new shop.
Cinch is at 906 Center Street. Walkin hours are: Tuesday 3 pm to 7 pm – Wednesday 3 pm to 7pm
or call to make an appointment. 414-477-1593

It’s a cinch. That this business should be successful.
We live in this walkable, bikeable neighborhood and now we have a place so near to have that dress or those pants fit, because a skilled seamstress who delights in making clothes you may have “fit properly” has moved in to what seems like the perfect building on Center Street.
Sarah Busch told me she also likes to “repurpose clothes” that have an emotional connection to the owner. That prom dress or your mothers wedding dress come to mind and Sarah can do the job. She had just finished up a Halloween costume that had been ordered when I interviewed her in her shop. I think we have a Jedi Knight on the loose.
Sarah Busch started sewing when she was 12 years old. So it is clearly a life long interest. She says, “I sew.” And so she has, including working in other tailor shops and taking courses and focusing on the profession.
In college she was thinking about being a civil engineer, because she was good at math, and was interested in community issues. That did not pan out so she came back to this skill she enjoyed doing.
After a shop she was working at closed, she knew what she wanted and that was to open her own place and thus “Cinch”.
She works closely with her customers, and promises prompt service.
Sarah feels comfortable in Riverwest and is most happy to be here. She feels part of the community. She told me she hopes to host Boomerang Bag sewing bee meetings at her shop.
If you are not familiar the Boomerang Bags are made by community members and made available at stores, like the Riverwest Co-op, to encourage the use of reuseable shoping bags and discourage the use on single use plastic bags.