by Mary Inderrieden, photos by Vince Bushell


Take negative raging angst and convert it into to power and action to cultivate positivity among each other as US citizens who are not represented by our government and political system.  


We strive to work side by side peacefully with each other, while recognizing our differences and honoring the fact that we are all one.  All one people who are NOT REPRESENTED BY the US POLITICAL SYSTEM AND OUR GOVERNMENT AS A WHOLE, who do not support the values and ethics of this government, and have already decided that we are better than that as individuals and as a country. 

You want to scream? 
You want to punch a WALL? STOP AND THINK!!!! Convert that energy into purpose and action and example to everyone around you of what you actually want this world to look like, act like, wand be like!

We love and coexist with everyone we live with, and we do not tolerate racism or bigotry, and a two party system.   We do not promote or want violence nor do we want war.  We are teachers, sons, and daughters, and friends who want to live and create a future for our youth that is understanding and green and loving! 

This will be a project that expresses peace, togetherness, and intolerance of the system through our self-expression.  This will not be a space to perpetuate hate, or make fun of others.  This is a place where we can stand up and say this is who I am and this is who we are, and that it is not represented or reflected by or through our government.  My hopes are to see all walks of life come together and support each other. 

What is the project? What are we doing?

The physical photo series:

The project will be portraits of people holding signs with one-line phrases or titles expressing who they are.  For example: A picture of me (Mary Inderrieden) with a cardboard sign that reads “I am a Hispanic woman”.  Simple and to the point, but what it represents is a demographic that the political system/Government has time and time again put down and criticized. The reason I chose a cardboard sign is very significant and symbolic. It represents the homeless in our community without a voice.  It also symbolizes the pleading for peace and asking of help from their neighbors and peers, and a yearning for a brighter tomorrow.

Your mission is to create signs that best describe you and also show the world your values.  Take 5-10 portrait photos for your own personal series.  Make your signs out of anything; try to keep the words to a minimum, short phrases or titles, and make sure the letters can be read from the photo.  Please remember to be positive and not use this as a tool to hate!

If you believe the present system and election does not represent you, please consider one of the following in one of your photos.

“My Government does NOT represent me” or “I DO NOT support THE US POLITICAL SYSTEM”

When we post these photos, everyone will post their own photos to their own Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+ accounts.  In the description of your post PLEASE title this series like this:


And then we will become a unified movement.