by Vince Bushell

On Saturday March 19th the official field office for Bernie Sanders in Milwaukee opened. I was able to stop by at 1816 N. Marshall street Friday as they prepared to welcome volunteers to their site on Saturday. Brian Heath was putting finishing touches on a “NOT FOR SALE” mural. The office is in a large warehouse space a few blocks north of Brady Street. Marshall Street is one way south bound at that point but not that hard to find for Bernie supporters and volunteers.

Roger Oullette is the office manager and can be reached at 203-841-6711 if you have questions on how you can help. The office will be open until the April 5, presidential primary.

Sanders has run a grass roots campaign emphasizing a non-violent revolution to take back the political system. He emphasizes social justice, peace and protection of our planet.

Peace Action PAC, the political action committee of Peace Action has endorsed Senator Bernie Sanders (D-VT) for President for the Democratic primary. This is an unusual step for the National Peace Action PAC out of Washington D.C.

“Sanders opposed the proposed Syria air strikes in 2013, sending arms to Syrian rebels, and military escalation in the region with U.S. special ops forces.  His clear preference to find alternatives to costly, ineffectual and many times backfiring military intervention, making him deserving of Peace Action PAC’s endorsement,” added Paul Kawika Martin, Peace Action PAC’s director.

BERNIE NOT FOR SALE WEBClinton Leads, But Sanders Fights On

Hilary Clinton has a big lead in delegates for the Democratic convention, but Wisconsin is still in play.

Sanders has promised to continue his campaign across the country and to the Democratic Convention the week of July 25th, 2016 in Philadelphia Pennsylvania.

Wisconsin could play a role, if not to winning the nomination for Sanders, to a continuing role for progressives in the party. Clinton has moved closer to Sander’s positions. In particular he emphasizes the role that big money has played in campaigns both nationally and at the state level and that he is  “not for sale”.

Sanders is feisty, but the debates between Sanders and Clinton, though sometimes heated, have been respectful, especially in comparison to whatever you want to call the game show that is the Republican primary.

Polling data for the Wisconsin primary on April 5 show Sanders and Clinton in a virtual tie on March 20, 2016.

Some will be disappointed if Sanders does not get the nod in Philadelphia —and that does seem to be the trend at this point.
The bridges don’t seemed to being burned like they are on the other side. No one is threatening riots if Bernie does not get the nomination.