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Follies 2015

The Riverwest Follies returns with acts of music,  storytelling and performance from your neighbors.

Saturday, March 21, 2015, Falcon Bowl, 801 E Clarke Street
7 p.m.  Free! donations accepted. follies 2015 Collageweb

Riverwest Follies Line-up So Far – The Musical Stylings of: Susies and Harvey’s Adventures in Song • James Hawley, Original songs and guitar
• Unique trio of singer songwriter gals,Ruby Red, Lee Gutowski, Ellen C. Warren, Ruth O’Malley • King Eye III, with Steven Look from the Metah Strike and Fable and the World Flat  Spoof of Rodger’s and Hammerstein’s Plays South Dakota, The never produced first play found in an attic in Teaneck New Jersey •  Produced by Vince Bushell • Poetry: Kavon Jones as KJ Prodigy,

If you are still interested in performing we have a few slots open. Performances are about 10 Minute each.

The show director this year is our new editor, Alice M Waraxa. Contact her for more info at
We’re aiming for original, local, talent and our most entertaining show.