Milwaukee Aldermen Nik Kovac and Ashanti Hamilton will present their proposal to decriminalize marijuana in the City of Milwaukee at the Riverwest Public House on Wednesday, January 7      Currents Ad 4.75x3.375aclu_wi RGB

Learn about what Milwaukee City government can do to decriminalize marijuana or mitigate the effects of a first arrest. Learn what the State of Wisconsin’s position is on second offenses. What should our short and long term goals be regarding decriminalization and racial justice in Milwaukee? We know where Aldermen Kovac and Hamilton stand on decriminalization. Where does your Alderman stand?

Significant racial disparities exist in marijuana enforce-ment. In 2011, African Americans were over five times more likely to get arrested for possession of marijuana than European Americans, despite similar rates of usage. Even as the total number of arrests decreased slightly from 2010 to 2011, the disparity of Black vs. White arrests increased.

A criminal record for simple possession creates a lifetime of collateral damage. The punishment should fit the crime, and public opinion increasingly favors more sensible drug policy and a new approach to marijuana.

If You Go:

Civil Liberties on Tap

Wednesday January 7

5:30 to 7:30pm

Riverwest Public House

815 E Locust St

Brought to you by ACLU and Riverwest Public House