Read this Excellent Story on Marijuana Criminalization in Milwaukee

From the publisher.

I highly recommend this article from the  Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service. ( It is well researched and points out a significant impediment to successful integration of African American men into the work force and positive roles in our society. Almost everyone I knew from my college days and many people I know now use marijuana. Criminalizing this behavior to the point of felony convictions for mere possession is wrong, particularly if the law is unevenly enforced. I am not saying that drug use or alcohol use does not have negative side effects. I am saying these laws perpetuate a cycle of incarceration among black men and result in huge negative repercussion in their lives. This is not shared by those of us with different backgrounds. This is the definition of injustice as far as application of the law.

Thank you for this excellent special report.

Special Report: Black men bear the brunt of unequal enforcement of marijuana laws

Vince Bushell    please follow the  link      Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service Special Report