elinor teddy bears

Eleanor’s views of North Avenue

A question I have often been asked is why I choose to draw this street in particular. To answer, I would like to contextualize this series with my last project: a panoramic drawing representing locations on a train route between Milwaukee Wisconsin and Los Angeles California. Drawing a series of a local thoroughfare seemed a natural progression after my last which was more massive in scale and subject. In contrast with the last series these locations are single framed of uniform size and much smaller.

I like North Avenue because I find it to be an interesting, beautiful and informative cross section of this city. It is also a street that one might not be familiar with in its full expanse. Freeways often being the route of choice between urban points.

However I love to do things the slow way. Which made it a joy to photograph and draw these particular scenes. The locations are taken from photographs taken from a car between the North Point Water Tower and the edge of Wauwatosa.

My Name is Eleanor. I am 21 years old and from Milwaukee. I work with cheese and enjoy drawing, good company and being alone.

Feel free to contact Eleanor at the above email if you are interested in purchasing her art.

Some of the drawings are included here and were on display at the Riverwest Co-op in November.

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