How Useful Is That?!

Susie and I led a foraging workshop yesterday, P1050534
as we’ve done before, this time in our yard, near, and
in, the garden, where many so-called ‘weeds’ grow,
most of which we transplanted here.

Of course, we covered the basics of careful identification,
and usages, culinary and medicinal, passing along
what we’ve learned, though we’re certainly not experts…
then again, our Ancestors foraged for approximately
a million times longer than their descendants have shopped,
so we probably have the ‘foraging gene’ in our DNA.

As we introduced our feral friends to workshop
participants, mainly neighbors, and fellow coop members,
we gently indicated other beneficial aspects of foraging,
such as paying closer attention to our surroundings,
including subtle interactions within the plant community,
the benefits of gathering wild food while camping—
can’t get anything fresher!—the gratitude for the green world
that foraging encourages, and, in general, how much more fascinating the foraging perspective make’s one’s life.

From my point of view, foraging is part of a commitment P1050536
to a life of adventure, appreciation, respect, and awareness:
how useful is that?!