Northern Lights

Northern Lights What: Northern Lights – A radio play on stage When: Sunday, December 8 – Door @ 5 pm., play begins 6 pm. Where: Falcon Bowl hall, 801 E. Clarke St. (Clarke & Fratney) Free: Performance for all (Chili and Woolly Bear Cookies for sale) Presented by: Riverwest Currents, River Revitalization Foundation & UWM Service Learning program, YMCA neighborhood initiative. Special thanks to Lynn at the Falcon Bowl. A sample of the script: PAUL: [narrates] A caterpillar. A little brown and black caterpillar, the kind they call “woolly bears” You know, uh, larva of the tiger moth, the Isia isabella. In the dead of winter and as cold as ice. Where did it come from? Huh? YOU want to know? Incidentally, you know, the old timers say that the woolly bear caterpillar is a weather prophet, if the brown bands on his fur are narrow, there’s severe weather ahead. If they’re wide, it’s gonna be a mild winter. Ah, maybe. This one, you could hardly see the brown bands. Tough weather ahead, that’s what the old timers would say. But where’d she come from? She wasn’t there when we put the cigarette lighter on the stage. When time caught up again, there she was. She? Sure, Isabella. Isia isabella. I told you, remember? Oh, she was wiggling happily when she arrived from – somewhere in the future. But as she warmed up, she seemed to go into a trance, almost a – a deathlike trance. So, Norman said, put her in the deep freeze and maybe she’ll come to again in the cold. So we put her in the deep freeze. (MUSIC … FILLS A PAUSE)