RW 24 2013

by Janice Christensen

At 4:05PM on May Day, 2013, the Riverwest 24-hour bike race filled its roster of 1,000 riders.

Prospective riders had begun camping out in Garden Park next to the Public House the night before to be among the first in line when registration opened at 3PM on May 1. Thus begins one of Riverwest’s most beloved community events, RW24.

The race is set for July 26-27. As the big day approaches, volunteers swing into action. One of the most amazing things about the RW24 is that it’s as much fun to volunteer on the sidelines as it is to be a rider. And there’s no shortage of ways to get involved. Names of riders and teams are entered into a data base. Confirmation emails are sent out. Checkpoints are planned. T-shirts are designed and printed. Surprises and serendipity are thick in this neighborhood – volunteer coordinator and veteran cat-herder Wendy Mesich has the enormous job of organizing the army of volunteers who make RW24 happen.

Interested in volunteering and getting involved with this unique neighborhood event? Here’s the list of volunteer positions that Wendy is working to fill.

Twenty-four 24hr Volunteers

The only thing more hardcore then racing for 24 hours is volunteering for 24 hours! Last year’s crew had a great time…who wants to join ‘em? If you want to give more and more and more this is for you.

Volunteer Headquarters

Help coordinate our Volunteer Headquarters registration/meet-up/rest and relaxation space, like all else in the RW24 this will be as awesome as we all can make it together.

Safety Volunteers

Needed at busy intersections, to help traffic run smoothly for the riders and the neighbors. Two to four hour shift (minimum). Sarah Ditzenberg is the coordinator, let Wendy know this is what you want to do and Sarah will contact you with more info. Some great people are needed to volunteer for these spots, so please think about the rewards of helping keep our riders safe.

Meal Times

Friday night pre-race meal at the Riverwest Co-op will need volunteers to help set up, serve food, and clean up. Saturday morning breakfast will need volunteer help the few nights before the race with prep, the night of the race for last minute prep and EARLY Saturday morning for setup, cooking, serving, and cleanup. There are also Wednesday and Thursday opportunities for food prep.

Checkpoint Volunteers

All of our checkpoints could use support. Any nightowls out there? You help mark manifests, keep the energy up and cheer, cheer, cheer. Two-hour (minimum) shifts.

Bonus Checkpoint Volunteers

Staff a bonus checkpoint, watch the fun and mayhem and make sure that all the riders are scored correctly. Two-hour (minimum) shifts.

Power Hour(s)

You would work at the Start/Finish line area, helping with breakdown of tents and setting up for the closing ceremony. Looking for someone refreshed, who has maybe slept some to help and can meet with a few of us in the weeks leading up to the race to talk logistics.

Sign up now: Wendy Mesich  414.241.3069