2012 International Year of the Cooperative (IYC)

The United Nations has designated 2012 the International Year of the Cooperative.

In Milwaukee, as in many communities across North America, co-op energy and momentum is bubbling up and people are talking about organizing around this model. 

The cooperative model encourages participation, empowerment and shared access and ownership to resources, services and community assets. As the Riverwest Cooperative Alliance (RCA) conversations continue, a group has starting meeting to talk about a co-op bakery in our neighborhood. This is the time to lay the groundwork for working together and creating a larger shared vision for our world.

Two upcoming opportunities for self education and plugging into co-op dialog: The Riverwest Cooperative Alliance meets the first Monday of the month, 6PM at the Public House

Also consider attending a training workshop on issues of discrimination based on class. Sign up for one of the class-ism training sessions either Thursday, March 22 in the evening or Friday, Mar 24 in the afternoon. For sliding scale costs and to rsvp, please email rebhar6@gmail.com