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Neighbor Spotlight March 2012

Story and Photo by Janice Christensen

Rebecca Nole is your typical Riverwester, inasmuch as Riverwesters are not typical people.

She was born in the Bronx and grew up in New York City and went to Farello Laguardia High School For Arts And The Performaing Arts. If that sounds familiar to anyone, it’s the school where the movie “Fame” was set.

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Riverwest Cooperative Alliance

2012 International Year of the Cooperative (IYC)

The United Nations has designated 2012 the International Year of the Cooperative.

In Milwaukee, as in many communities across North America, co-op energy and momentum is bubbling up and people are talking about organizing around this model. 

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Cooperatives: Capitalism With a Heart

by Rebecca Nole


“Cooperative” was the word chosen to describe Riverwest in the recent Around the Corner episode on Milwaukee Public Television. What is a cooperative? Since 2012 was dubbed the United Nations International Year of the Cooperative, this might be a good time to answer that question.