Solar Panels Manufactured in Milwaukee

NIGEL THE ROBOT has his name over the door at the Helios Solar Works plant. Brent Brucker, Helios General Manager, is a Riverwest resident. Brent’s son named Nigel the robot, one of the “advanced, automated manufacturing platforms” that the company uses to make “high-performance mono-crystalline solar modules” for solar electric systems. Wisconsin’s first solar panel factory opened in late February in the Menomonee River Valley, in a new building on the site of the stockyards. Helios is backed by a combination of venture capital, a loan from the Milwaukee Economic Development Corp. and a $1 million low-interest stimulus package-backed loan from the state Department of Commerce. For info see

~Photo by Vince Bushell


Helios Solar Works is headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. We manufacture our modules using materials sourced from regional and U.S. suppliers whenever possible. 



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