The Wall

by Malachi Lyonsdove The wall is there. Although invisible for some, it is still there. I look outside and find communities segregated still. I live in a diverse neighborhood with blacks, whites, Latinos and almost any race you can think of but I still see segregation. The blacks and Latinos live mostly on the west side of Holton Street and the whites live on the east side. We see each other but rarely say “Hi.” We have turned one street into the wall of segregation and racism. Though I may not know you I do know that you also have a “wall.” Whether it is a racist gang, a street, or maybe even an alley. No matter what it is, it’s still there. So adults, will you teach your kids about the wall and how tobring it down or will you continue to let it stand? Malachi Lyonsdove is 12 years old. He attends Fratney School and lives on Weil Street.