Tuesday evening August 19, approximately 100 people witnessed a new connection with the Milwaukee River via art and science. Unseen in the water below the Marsupial and Holton Street Bridge is a device called a Data Sonde. It measures temperature, clarity, flow and oxygen levels in the water. This data is transmitted, recorded and transformed into a patterns of colors and shapes that move arcross the wall under the Holton Street bridge along Water Street ( just west of Trocodero). The projections are the work of artist Ray Chi working with an idea of aquatic ecologist Dr. Tim Ehlinger and public art and Brady Street enthusiast Jullily Kohler. The visuals can be seen any evening. It was a delight to see the human interaction with the ever changing image. In motion above are Julliy Kohler and friends dancing with each other and their shadows in the river-inspired projections. Want to know more? Go to www.riverpulse.org.