ART*BAR         2008 Junk to Funk Recycled Fashion Show Contest     All applicants must be 21 to enter.  Models must be 16 and older to participate. Contest is open to all artist, designers, and general creative public. Deadline for entry is Monday, July 21st,2008 4pm.             Applicants are invited to create wearable artwork using recycled, reused or found materials.  Paint, glue, zippers, buttons are permitted but do not count towards either new or reused materials.  Pieces must       be durable for wear in the fashion show.Applicants may submit up to three pieces for entry, but you must provide a model for each garment for the runway show.  All hair and makeup issues are the applicants         responsibility.     Applicants provide their name, address, phone#, title of each piece and the name of the person modeling the garment, and a materials list included for each entry.     Forward all info to ART*BAR at     Each applicant receives two complimentary tickets for guests.  All others pay the $5 cover at the door.  Applicant and models get in automatically.     Any application, which in the producer’s sole judgment contains content which is not suitable for display will not be considered.     Collaborations will be allowed, any prizes will be awarded to each piece.     Artist/Models will be responsible for participation in the fashion show rehearsal on July 25th at 3pm.  Also all participants need to be dressed and ready backstage at 8pm for the show to begin at 9pm.     Please take note that our backstage space is limited.  We don’t want to limit creativity but please consider that your piece is stair friendly, and the hallway to the stage is only 3 feet wide.     Pieces in the show will be judged by a panel of judges selected by ART*BAR.  Pieces are judged on 1) percentage of recycled material used, 2) creativity, and 3) craftsmanship.     Prizes: One First Place Prize $250, One Second Place Prize $100, One Third Place Prize $50.  Prize Money will be awarded in the form of a check in the name of the winning applicant.