Riverwest to Host Health Focus Group

Milwaukee is a city with great diversity. The many differences among its residents make for a unique blend of culture, race, age and socioeconomic status that sets this city apart. Trying to understand the health needs of such a diverse population can be challenging. What are the health needs of the people living in Milwaukee? Why is this important? From a public health perspective, there is general data showing basic health trends that are common to many residents, such as high rates of obesity. However, in order to truly understand a community’s concerns and develop effective public health strategies, it is necessary to do a more thorough assessment. This is exactly what the City of Milwaukee Health Department is doing, with help from numerous community agencies and individuals. The citywide community health assessment is designed to evaluate the most significant health priorities of city residents. This information will then be used to create programs and plans that specifically address the health problems that residents have defined. At this point in the assessment, your input is needed! Please come to a community health assessment focus group, prior to the next meeting of the Riverwest Neighborhood Association, from 6:00 to 6:45 pm on Tuesday, February 12 at the Gordon Park Pavilion (corner of Humboldt and Locust). Residents are encouraged to participate in this group discussion that includes general questions about your top health concerns for your family, your neighborhood and the city as a whole. Your input is very important to shaping the future course of public health efforts in Milwaukee. Emily DeLeo is the Community Health Liaison for the Riverwest Health Initiative. Call 263-8383 x139.

If You Go: Community Health Assessment Focus Group, Just before RNA meeting, Tuesday, Feb. 12, 6-6:45PM, Gordon Park Pavilion Learn More: If you would like more information about the citywide Community Health Assessment, check out the City of Milwaukee Health Department’s website at www.city.milwaukee.gov/health.