bill Wood & brian Dettmering


Story by Ben Elmadar

Brian Dettmering is a year-round accountant with 25 years experience. He has spent the past 12 years helping people in Riverwest do their taxes. He also serves as accountant and confidante for many small businesses in the area.

Bill Wood is a rare former full-time employee of H & R Block. He has spent 26 years as a tax practitioner. big guys …….Continue Reading Mark thomas

Mark thomas

Story and Photo by Ellen C. Warren Seven years ago Mark Thomas saw an ad for a national all-volunteer organization called Rebuilding Together. They offer free home repairs for low income elderly and disabled homeowners and families with children, especially if the children have special needs. He called the number and found that they were very interested in starting a chapter in Milwaukee. The group that had been here had dissolved, and the need was great. …….Continue Reading Marianne herrmann & Wendy basel & Darby & Alex

Marianne herrmann & Wendy basel & Darby & Alex

Story and Photo by Ellen C. Warren There’s a flourishing subculture in Riverwest which is outside the radar of many of its inhabitants. This bunch doesn’t actually recognize itself as a group, but the members are quite likely to recognize each other’s faces and, even more likely, to recognize each other’s dogs. For that matter, they’re more likely to know the dogs’ names than the names of their human companions. These are the dog walkers of Riverwest. …….Continue Reading