by Jason Hart


In the last year or so, Milwaukee hasdeveloped a fine underground theatre scene.The underground groups of Milwaukee willbe quite busy this summer. As a service tothe community, the Riverwest Currents hascreated a guide to the small but talentedtroupes that you may never have heard of.

Alamo Basement
Alamo Basement is “sketch theatre” – shortform pieces both dramatic and comedic.They are particularly well known for their24-hour theatre shows, in which they write,rehearse, and perform a full show in only24 hours. This summer they have showsplanned for June 24 and July 1.

Darling Hall
Darling Hall is Milwaukee’s top venue forperformance art and experimental theatre.Performance nights at Darling Hall, whichfeature the most innovative and freewheelingwork being done here, continue toimpress and delight. The next performancenight, which will take place in DaHa’sgarden, is June 2. Darling Hall is a littlehard to find – but if you ask around, you canprobably track it down.

D.U.M.B. (pronounced DOOM-buh) isMilwaukee’s triple threat comedy group –equal parts sketch comedy, improv comedy,and musical comedy. They performregularly at Bucketworks (1319 N. MLKDr.). D.U.M.B.’s upcoming shows are onMay 27 and June 10, both at Bucketworks.

The Gentlemen’s Hour
New to the scene, but making waves, theGentlemen’s Hour is pure sketch comedy.Performing mostly at ComedySportz (420S. First St.), they are gearing up for moreshows this summer.

Guyshouse is a sketch comedy group whosemembers are a bunch of guys who live in ahouse in Riverwest. They are working on anew full-length play, to be performed sometime this summer.

Insurgent Theatre
Insurgent Theatre believes in economicand political change through the power ofperformance. Coming off of the fantastic“Plight of the Ruling Class,” Insurgent isnow turning their focus towards a newproduction of last year’s “Bring the WarHome.”

Milwaukee Sketch Fest & Improv Rodeo
The first annual Milwaukee sketch fest andimprov rodeo will take place this August atBucketworks. The festival will have sketchcomedy, improv comedy, and a film show. Atentative line-up includes Alamo Basement,D.U.M.B., The Gentlemen’s Hour, theParis Business Review, and others. CheckBucketwork’s website for updates.

The Paris Business Review
The Paris Business Review is a sketchcomedy troupe that works equallyin live and filmed comedy. A show isplanned for sometime this summer, butno other details are currently available.Videos are available on their website.

Pink Banana Theatre
Pink Banana Theatre started a yearago with a mission to help Milwaukeeartists get their start in the performingarts. Their fifth one-act extravaganzaruns July 13-21 at the Broadway TheatreComplex. Auditions for the plays beginMay 28. If you’ve never acted before,but always wanted to, Pink Banana isthe place to get your start.

Quasi-Theatre has been performingtheatre and mixed media performancesin Milwaukee for the last seven years.“Hostel Milwaukee” is their nextproject, and will occur sometime thissummer.

Riverwest Currents online edition – June, 2006