Cream City Collectives Update

Cream City

The free school, infoshop, and community space announced in an article in the January Currents has been very busy during the last two weeks.

The initial meeting at the Polish Falcon on January 8 drew a crowd of about fifty people. It was organized as an open forum to discuss what people would like to see happen here in Riverwest, and how having a space operated collectively by the neighborhood could fulfill some of those wishes.

Groups were formed to facilitate the implementation of the various ideas discussed. Committees have beenworking independently since then, establishing core groups of volunteers to run the diverse projects.

People have formed groups for the free school, the info shop, a fundraising committee, the screen printingcollective, and a group dedicated to forming an artspace/textiles guild.

All of these group met together again on January 22 at the NODE Café to make sure their efforts were coordinated.

Activities were planned for almost every day in January, and a diverse assortment of tasks and duties are being moved forward. Everyone interested is welcome and encouraged to participate. Here is a sampling of some of the meetings and events for the end of January and early in February.

  • Jan. 27 Benefit Basement Show
  • Jan. 28 Bake Sale / Bylaws Meeting / Website Training
  • Jan. 29 Free School Meeting / Organizers Meeting / Lending Library Meeting / Bake Sale (Continued)
  • Feb. 1 Clean-up crew gathers and unites
  • Feb. 5 General update meeting

For more information (times, locations, and more) please visit the Cream City Collectives website www.

Riverwest Currents online edition – February, 2006