Shalem Healing’s new location across from the Tai Chi Center brings more positive “chi” to the corner of Fratney and Locust. The ying-yang symbol is commonly used on marketing material for holistic practitioners. It indicates having everything in balance — mind, body, spirit working together. For Robert Fox, who recently moved his practice from Wauwatosa to Riverwest, it could also mean the balance of Eastern and Western healing traditions. Fox, who has a Master of Science degree from the Midwest College of Oriental Medicine in Racine, uses the Eastern approach to the body and healing along with Western science. “I use the ancient wisdom and the modern technology,” he explains. Fox’s Eastern skills include the use of herbs, acupuncture, Chinese massage, dietary adjustments, cleansing and Tai Chi. The Western approach calls for hair analysis to show the mineral content of the tissue (including toxins), vitamin and mineral supplements, and other tests that may be ordered by the patient’s M.D. Shalem Healing is holistic in other ways as well. Rob Fox is a deeply spiritual person who came to his occupation of healing via a spiritual path. Originally trained as a biomedical engineer at Milwaukee School of Engineering, Fox has all the pre-med training of an MD. His original goal as an engineer was to use light and sound to heal the body. At one point, however, Fox realized that healing the body was only part of making people well. “Fear holds people back. The traumas and stress of life are a means of refining the soul.” But when the stressors become physical problems, being well involves body, mind and spirit. “The most wonderful thing is for everyone to reach their potential. The body being physically healthy is a means. The body is a dwelling place for the soul. When the body is healthy the godliness within us is revealed.” Assessing someone’s spiritual state, however, is something that Fox is sensitive about. “Like giving certain herbs to the body, the body might not be ready to them. If I feel the person is ready, I may bring up spiritual health.” Fox’s practice of Tai Chi and other forms of meditation helped him find his calling as a practitioner of Eastern medicine. Prescription medications are not part of Fox’s practice. “If someone is on medication, we work to slowly move them off. Medication is good when you absolutely need it, but many conditions can be treated by other means.” Acupuncture and Tai Chi can relieve pain. Getting to the cause of anxiety can help with anxiety attacks and depression. “There is a reason why a person is anxious or depressed. They have to deal with that.” Fox has also treated children with Attention Deficit Disorder through dietary changes and supplements. Asthma, allergies, carpel tunnel, fibromyalgia, migraines and plantar fascitis are among the health problems Fox has helped people overcome. Shalem Healing also offers workshops on the theories of Chinese medicine and nutritional health. Check out the web site at For an appointment, call 640-5433. Shalem Healing Chinese Medicine/Holistic Medicine 800 E. Locust St. 414-640-5433