The Milwaukee Department of City Development (DCD) has initiated a new planning process that will have a major influence on future development in the Riverwest area. According to the DCD website, “The Plan will provide a blueprint for future development of the area and will identify specific projects that will be undertaken to support that development. The Plan will provide policies based on shared values that will shape the character of development for years to come. The Plan will also outline an implementation strategy and a framework for community partnership.” The entry at the website defines the area covered by the Northeast Side Area Plan as “a broad and diverse segment of Milwaukee from Riverworks and UWM on the north to Brewers Hill and Brady Street on the south, Bronzeville and King Drive on the west to the lakefront (Bradford Beach to Pier Wisconsin) on the east — and everything in between!” Given those parameters, Riverwest is definitely “in between.”Plan GoalsDCD identifies the overall goals of the Northeast Side Plan as: Build upon the strengths of the neighborhoods within the plan area; Provide a predictable regulatory process; Optimize the long-term value of public and private investments; and Generate consensus among businesses, property owners, residents and associations. Timetable The total planning process is scheduled to take two years, with the breakdown of the planning process listed: Initiation – 3 months Plan orientation – 2 months Analysis – 8 months Visioning – 2 months Synthesis – 5 – 6 months Review and approvals – 3 months Total project – 24 months Get Involved Now! Mark your calendars for next Tuesday, and plan to attend this important meeting. The Riverwest neighborhood has a legacy of involvement in the planning process for our neighborhood. The City needs to hear our voice on this initiative, and we need to be in it from the very start. For further info, contact Janet Grau, Dept. of City Development, 286-5724. Email