(Jeremy Berg’s affinity for black and green has nothing to do with his affinity for Dune.) NOMAD WORLD PUB 1401 E. Brady Street • 224-8111 Ambiance: Lots of cool masks on the wall, and big ones on the bathroom doors. Subtle, clever lighting, and the TVs showed a mixture of basketball and the Fox Soccer Network. Ah, Premier League Soccer…it’s the new…something. Crowd: A full range of ages, though not all at once — there seemed to be a shift change between the end of the game and the beginning of the Lumberhorn’s set. On Tap: Guiness, Beamish, Smithwick’s, Harp, Bass, Paulaner, Newcastle, Sierra NV, Pilsner Urquell, Carlsberg, Strongbow, Trumer Pils, Nomad Red, Trocadero White, Riverwest Stein, and Spotted Cow. I’m woozy just from typing all that. Top Shelf: Absolut, Stoli, Frangelica, Johnnie Walkers Red and Black. Juke Box: Cool house sound and live music. Men’s Room: Some of the more interesting graffiti I’ve come across, including “Gwar,” “Read John Quincy Adams,” “Remy from Holland says ‘Don’t fuck with Nomad,'” and “Hell’s Angels rule the Earth. Thank you.” Women’s Room: “Dude, the bathroom is Cheetos orange. And brown. But the Cheetos orange is more interesting.” So sayeth color-clashed Lovely Assistant. Additional Comments: Travel the world through booze; Nomad has a huge amount of bottles from all over. CLUB TIMBUKTU 520 E. Center Street • 265-7000