When Eudemon arrived three years ago he walked out of the river valley and this is what he saw. There was the church towering over the homes that were set close to the street. There were the shops and bars scattered about. There were the people to meet. He was a stranger but still he felt welcome. There were things to do and also places to go and let your mind wander. He decided to see what could be seen, to hear what could be heard, to taste what could be tasted. He asked, “Could this be the place for me?” And it must be. For he is still here. Up out of the river valley the old church needs a new roof. The parishioners are calling it raising the roof of faith and quoting Psalm 46, “….there is a river whose streams make the city glad…” New shops and restaurants and bars dot the neighborhood. The Co-op is alive and well and sports a new cafe. Club Timbuktu recently opened on Center Street and is bringing the hint of the glorious cultural life of the great African center that is its namesake. Dancing to African music is combined with good food and drink. Coffee shops are sprouting round and about and also on Center the tool shed offers, well, tools. You know the kind. Maybe you don’t, so check it out. They do have “Wash Away Your Sins Soap,” so don’t be scared. Mia Putia sells things that are kind to babies and adults alike. There seems to be a mini baby boom going on around here. Mondo Brothers opened on Humboldt and Alterra is supposed to open there too. Fuel is going to expand. Onopa changed hands. Vacant lots are filling with new homes and property values are going up. There is a foot bridge over that old river at the old dam. Eudemon may just be dreaming, but it does seem to him that neighborhoods might be getting a little closer together east and west and north and south. In any case, Eudemon has been following the local music scene at Linnemans, Circle A and whereever else he can. He likes to follow the Riverwest Accordion Club around and dance with reckless abandon. And if the city scene becomes a little too intense, he can always take a walk in the River Valley from whence he came and find a spot of solitude, so near yet taking him so far. As always, exploring the liminal spaces of Riverwest….meeting the ordinary folk and having a good time.