by Jeremy Berg Boscos’s • 1000 E. Burleigh • 264-3500 Ambiance: Light brown wood and bright soft lighting make for an overall warm, chilled out feeling. Crowd: Mostly in the 30-50 range, and about 50/50 causcasian and hispanic. On Tap: It’s all about Milwaukee. Leinie’s Original, Red, and Honey Weiss, and Miller Lite, High Life, and MGD. Top Shelf: Jameson, SoCo, Captain Morgan’s, Seagram’s 7, and the only Ciclon I’ve ever seen in a bar. Juke Box: Mostly ’70s and ’80s classic rock: Elton John, Foreigner, Heart, REO Speedwagon, Pat Benatar- and then also a pretty healthy soul selection, including Al Green, Alicia Keys, The Commodores, and The O’Jays. Men’s Room: Done in tile and very clean. Yup, that’s it. Women’s Room: “It was very nice, although unremarkable,” says Lovely Assistant. “It was clean.” There you go. Additional Comments: This seems to be the gambler’s bar. Poker was rockin’ the tables, and there were more video slots and fruit machines than I’ve seen since I was in Reno. Club 99 • 2579 N. Pierce • 562-0100 Ambiance: Red Christmas lights, a lot of steins above the bar, darts and pool. Very friendly bartender. Crowd: Mostly hispanic, and a whole range of ages. Everyone was having a really good time. On Tap: Bud, MGD, High Life, Miller Lite, PBR, and Special Export. Top Shelf: Black Velvet, Absolut Peppar, Johnny Walker Red, and something called Tattoo that had what looked like a mutant Rolling Stones logo on the bottle. Juke Box: I’m not that familiar with Latin music, but here’s a few names: Willie Colon, Pellin Rodriguez, Zafra Negra, and, uh, Dean Martin. Excellent volume as well. You will hear your song. Men’s Room: Single occupancy, and once again, fairly unremarkable, although a sign does warn that the police will be called if you use drugs. So you probably shouldn’t use drugs in the bathroom. Women’s Room: “It wasn’t fancy, but someone took the time to make a garland out of fake pink flowers,” says design-minded Lovely Assistant. Additional Comments: There’s always at least one game of dominoes going on. All right then. So much for the Barhopper Election Year Special. Next month, we’re back to plain old drunken hijinks. And I think there’s a holiday or two in there we can celebrate as well. Til then, see you on the stools.