Riverwest artist Faythe Levine () has organized the first annual “Art vs. Craft” event to take place at Turner Ballroom, up the stairs on Fri. Nov. 5 & Sat. Nov. 6. Bring cash as many of the 100 plus vendors won’t take plastic.Come on Friday and get in free the day after, otherwise admission is $2.00. What can be yours for no more than $10? 100% cotton bibs in retro fabric designs with terry cloth backing by Atomic Mama, fun hair clips @ $5 per. At Loosetooth booth, handmade soaps shaped like guitars, boomboxes and (eeek! teeth) by Noel B., Maggie Muse wrist cuffs ($8), Bellweather flavored lip balm ($10 will get you four), and of course, card sets, pins, bracelets and more by Ms. Levine’s company, Flying Fish Designs. Luckystar has Bridget Evans designed jewelry ($10) and believe it or not Ripley, authentic art prints for no more than that. Intrepid writer Julia Kolker discovered retro posters ($8.99) and tiny purses and handbags from $4.99-$8.99, at North Avenue’s Closet Classics, and a cruise to Brady’s Dragonfly unearthed $10 brewski mugs and $9 cafe au lait mugs.On to Humboldt’s Mondo Bros. for pretty bottles of gourmet balsamic vinegar and olive oil ($4.70-$7.89), plus Italian cookbooks ($7-$10). Other goodies can be had at Riverwest Co-op…a $9.95 1 lb. bag of Alterra Capusino Blend organic coffee, plus they’ll grind it to your liking in their newly opened and adjacent Riverwest Co-op Cafe. Wrap up the java with a 2-pound bag of Arrowhead Mills organic wheat flour pancake & waffle mix ($3.95) and you’re good to go. Here’s a surprise for someone you love: have their name, or the name of their business, listed in Riverwest Currents as a “friend” of this publication…$10 per issue.