Q: How do I dispose of old paint cans and other hazardous waste? A: With latex paint, use up as much as you can, then pour the rest out into a pan and allow it to dry. You can dispose of the dried paint and the can in your trash. Oil-based paint or large amounts of latex paint should be brought to a household hazardous waste (HHW) collection site. The Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District, in cooperation with Onyx Waste Services, operates two permanent facilities for HHW, in addition to several mobile sites from April through October. The last mobile collection site will be on Oct. 15 (11am — 6pm) and Oct. 16 (8am — 2pm) at Wisconsin State Fair Park (Gate 8 off South 76th Street). A permanent collection facility is in Franklin at 10518 S. 124th St. , open Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11am — 6pm, and Saturdays from 8am — 2pm. For more information on other hazardous waste questions, call MMSD at 414-225-2066 or visit http://www.mmsd.com/projects/hhw3.cfm for a complete list. Send your environmental questions to bellebergner@earthlink.net
by Belle Bergner