Most parents aren’t thinking about school enrollment for next fall as early as October, but MPS is. They have moved the January enrollment period to Oct. 11th – Nov. 24th. Parents who are interested in getting their children into the popular citywide specialty schools need to pay attention to this enrollment time, as it is when those seats will be assigned. The catalog listing schools and providing enrollment guidelines will be mailed soon, and all schools in the city are open the evening of October 6th for visits and enrollment information. Enrollment Policy Changes A few years ago, policy for citywide elementary schools was changed to accommodate children living near the school. The policy now states that 55 percent of the seats in citywide schools are available to children enrolling at entry level grades who live within the school’s walk zone, which is a mile radius. There are exceptions, which are noted in the catalog. For Riverwest residents, this opens seats in La Escuela Fratney to neighborhood kids. Another policy change is that parents are guaranteed their attendance area school if they make it their first choice. Riverwest has two MPS neighborhood schools, Gaenslen at 1250 E. Burleigh St. (K–8), and Pierce at 2765 N. Fratney St. (K-5). Middle and High Schools Middle schools and high schools with admission requirements are also participating in enrollment at this time. These schools will be holding special open houses during which parents can learn about requirements and students can apply for admission. Because MPS has expanded nearly 50 elementary schools to K-8, getting into popular middle schools will be easier because many parents are choosing to skip the middle school experience. Another tip for parents — MPS is very interested in keeping you in the system. If something happens and you do not get the school that you want, check with Student Services to see if they can somehow accommodate you before taking your child out of the system.