Archive | October 2004

North Division Renaissance

by Linda Corbin-Pardee In the midst of a renaissance taking place at North Division High School, an artist is working with kids on a project that represents an earlier renaissance. Riverwest artist Eddie Davis has designed a mural and, with student help, is bringing it to life in the hallways.

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Trash or Treasure?

by Carrie Trousil What is art? A Rodin sculpture? Sure. What about the tail end of a Cadillac, sunk into the hillock of a Humboldt Boulevard yard? It’s definitely debatable, but no matter what your take, there is quite a lot of stuff in this latter category gracing our Riverwest properties. For the sake of […]

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Granny’s Books

by Kelly Voss As a used and rare bookseller, one of the first things folks disclose to me upon learning what I do, is that they have a terrifically valuable old book their grandma gave them, tucked away for a rainy day. This is usually accompanied by a certain amount of excitement in their voice, […]

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Photography: Peter DiAntoni/Paul Druecke

Never say never and watch where you put your feet were pearls to grow up on. Traversing the stairs in an old auto body shop up onto coral-coloured floors your eyes take a moment to reflect. The sisters Anderson have an amazing ability at making art comfortable yet full of teeth in the Jody Monroe […]

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Call Me Lightning – The Trouble We’re In

review by Jeremy Berg Halfway through The Trouble We’re In, sandwiched between a freaky ghost story that ends in what might be a condemnation of the entire human race and one of the album’s few duds, “Hungry Lions” greets the listener with a stop/start intro that kicks into a mixture of brute force and complex, […]

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