Archive | October 2004

Snopek Plays Ball

by PP d’ CaCa The first time I became aware of Sigmund Snopek III was during the mid-70′s when he had a one-man band at the Summerfest comedy tent. He’d entertain the restless crowds waiting for the next comedian with such original tunes as “Waukesha Window” and always end his set with the Beatles’ “I […]

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Unclogging Our River

by Carrie Trousil, photo by Kara Sabado It’s an overcast September day, and despite the impending fog, Captain Cass and his deckhands are gearing up to cruise the river. He points to his vessel, grinning. “There she is,” he says. The boat sits high in the water, a contraption of conveyor belts, a small wheelhouse, […]

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Octoberfest Everywhere (Except in October)

by Jeremy Berg That’s right. Is it just me, or did anyone else notice that many an Octoberfest event or Octoberfest special brew actually showed up in Milwaukee … in September? Very odd, I thought. Well, here at Barhopper, we’re giving Octoberfest it’s due, damn it. How? By drinking in October, of course.

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Art Muscle

by Judith Ann Moriarty Waswo X. Waswo, an American artist with Milwaukee roots has, at this writing, moved to India where he has established himself as a celebrity, both in the field of photography and poetry. The second (India Poems) of his two books of poetry was printed there and contains seventy-five works best described […]

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by Judith Ann Moriarty Whitney Gould, of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, recently penned a beautiful piece about the coming transformation of Reservoir Park, which likely will include public art. Considering the flap over the recent Gordon Park sculpture, perhaps folks should consider a discrete “earthworks,” a non-intrusive sculpture, shaped by a sensitive landscaper…

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