Sierra Club Launches Voting Effort

With the Presidential election just two months away, the Sierra Club’s Environmental Voter Education Campaign is organizing volunteers to talk to their neighbors about the environmental records of Sen. John F. Kerry (D-Mass.) and President George W. Bush. “We’ll be talking to thousands of Wisconsin voters about issues affecting our community like clean air and clean water. We’ll be asking ‘Who shares your priorities’ and encouraging everybody to vote on November 2,” said Cheri Briscoe, local Sierra Club chair. Sierra Club volunteers and staff will walk door-to-door with literature comparing the records of the candidates. They will also hold rallies, phone banks and mailings. “We hope everyone who shares our concerns about what is happening to the environment, members and non-members alike, will join us to talk to their friends and neighbors,” said Briscoe. Last month, Sierra Club President Larry Fahn flew into Milwaukee to rally environmental enthusiasts and join volunteers to walk through Milwaukee’s neighborhoods talking to people about the Kerry and Bush records on clean air, clean water, and mercury emissions. “We’ve found that when you talk to people about specific issues, like threats to the quality of air and water here in our community, they get much more motivated and enthusiastic about participating in politics” said Briscoe. “That’s why the Sierra Club is talking to people: to tell them how the candidates’ policies affect them.” The Milwaukee Environmental Voter Education Campaign is part of a national effort to give environmental issues prominence in the election. On September 18 and October 2 scores of people from throughout the Midwest will join local volunteers going door to door in this battleground state. To volunteer or for more information call 414/453-3127.