The Annual Meeting of RIC, held Monday, August 23rd, was a great success. About 25 attendees, including several new faces, participated in RIC’s first ‘event’ to take place in a RIC house. The second RIC board election took place, with At Large member and Property Committee chair Chris Johns accepting to continue in his position, Secretary Chris Papadopoulos doing the same, and Larraine McNamara-McGraw accepting her nomination to the Vice Presidency. A big thanks to these folks for providing the active membership that makes a cooperative successful. Also, in addition to the President’s and the Treasurer’s reports, committee chairs led a question and answer session. In preparation for the meeting, the board members created an annual report as a pdf file that is on the website and can be accessed below. One important recent development is the news that we have all been waiting for – we are close to our goal of acquiring the loan that will propel the house to completion and will allow us to move forward with new projects quickly. This is a good time to start an invesment in RIC, as a membership now could produce a significant return on your investment. Thank you for your support and involvement, Quinn Wilder