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Let me just start out by saying that I’ve tried to give Shakespearean theater a fair shake. Really, I have. I’ve seen a handful of plays at American Players Theater in Spring Green and actually enjoyed some of them; A Comedy of Errors and As You Like It come to mind.

However, like visiting the dentist or taking my car to the shop when the check engine light comes on, Shakespearean theater is something I’d rather avoid and it usually ends up being even more painful than expected…

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When Anything is Everything

On a sunny July morning, a group of seniors with physical disabilities draw on a sidewalk outside the old St. Mary’s school in Bay View. Wielding bright, egg-shaped chalks, they let their imagination loose. One man draws bugs. Another, leaning forward in his wheelchair, sketches an elaborate house. A woman ignores the sidewalk, opting to decorate her chalk like an Easter egg…

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ArtWalk: Two Decades

Each year on the first weekend in October, the Riverwest Artists Association (RAA) organizes ArtWalk, an event that introduces people to tons of artists, art spaces, artwork, and art activities. Whether you live in Riverwest and want to see what’s new this year or are new to the neighborhood and want to find out some of what’s going on, ArtWalk is the way to do it…