Goods on Display

OaklandSidewalkSale.jpg by Carrie Trousil If you’ve got a few dollars to spare and the itch to do a little shopping, make sure you check out the First Annual Oakland Avenue Sidewalk Sale. Several business owners on the 3400 block of Oakland Ave have agreed to display their goods outside on September 10 and 11. Emily Ware, owner of the Nine Point Star and the East Side Internet Cafe, is the creative force behind the sale, an event inspired in part by her and other neighboring businesses’ involvement in some of this summer’s street festivals, like Locust Street Days. “The festivals worked out really well, so I just took the initiative to start this up,” explains Ware. Furthermore, the event will give some of the newer businesses on the block a chance to show their stuff — literally. “I think we’ll keep it pretty basic. The Internet Cafe is right here, so we’ll have coffee and snacks, but otherwise just tents and tables,” Ware says. That should be more than enough, however, to keep any shopper occupied, as vendors range from trendy boutiques to a pet store to the block’s own tattoo parlor. Ware adds, “We get a pretty big range of customers, and there is also a big range of business owners here. There are a lot of students with the Internet Cafe, but we also get a lot of families, business people.” Students or not, anyone can use the excuse of back to school shopping, especially if it can be done in the Indian Summer sun (hopefully). While there, make sure to stop in at the Nine Point Star, as they will be running a drawing to win a free pair of patchwork pants, and more. Participating businesses include (but are not limited to): Brown Fox Boutique 3475 N. Oakland Ave. Nine Point Star 3479 N. Oakland Ave East Side Internet Cafe 3477 N. Oakland Ave. Rainbow Pets 3470 N. Oakland Ave. The Exquisite Closet 3473 N. Oakland Ave. MojoMagic 3473 N Oakland Ave. Skin Tattoo 3483 N. Oakland Ave.