Art Muscle

I’ve been thinking of mouths lately, not about just what comes out or in, but the whole mechanics. I love to watch mouths interact with each other or sometimes doing their own Merce Cunningham movements. Rarely have I encountered such a delightful combination of the impish serious drama between eyes and mouth as I have with Jenny Bohr. Why do I bring this up? Well, her complete honesty in her life reflects completely in her work, her devils aren’t the kind that make you want to clutch your Bible and dive under the bed to get away; rather, you want to party with the demons. As a part of the Luckystar lineup her work is always fresh, always available. Check it out. Q. So how’s your summer going? A. Good Q. Working on any new projects? A. Yes, I’ve got two going now, including an exhibit at Luckystar during October Gallery Night & Day. Q. Since you live in Walkers Point, what’s your favorite restaurant? A. I like Conejito’s: strong Margaritas and food served on paper plates. Q. Do you prefer to work on photography on a full or empty stomach? A. A full stomach, or having a drink or two when I’m working slows me down and makes me sleepy. Q. How would you describe yourself and your art? A. Oh I’m interested in lots of different things. Milwaukee is one of them. The things, places and people that make it up. Also the history of stuff in this town. People and the weird stuff they collect get my attention too. Q. What inspires you? A. Competition. Seeing my friends do great things really motivates me. Q. And what sickens you? A. People who aren’t true to themselves Q. Your sign? A. Gemini