RIVERWEST NEIGHBORHOOD ASSOCIATION Tuesday, August 10, 7PM YMCA CDC Office, 604 E Center (& Booth) All Riverwesters are invited. AGENDA: 1. Invocation 2 Minutes 2. Review & approval of prior minutes 2 Minutes 3. Additions/Revisions to agenda 2 Minutes 4. Announcements 5 Minutes 5. Presentations 20 Minutes A) Stephen Servais, Riverwest resident, will share his ideas and experience regarding water conservation techniques, including use of rain barrels. He is interested in establishing a group in Riverwest which would promote and educate the neighborhood regarding water conservation. Those interested are invited to visit his yard at the conclusion of the meeting. We are also trying to schedule a representative from MMSD for this meeting. B) State Senator Gwendolyn Moore, Democratic candidate for U.S. Congress, will be attending the meeting for a brief introduction. 6) Committee Reports 30 Minutes – Holton St. Revitalization Committee Don Sargent & Jim Wilson Update on Riverworks Update on CMAC enhancements on Southern end of Holton St. – Development Group Committee Sonya Knauss Update on RIC Annual Meeting – Guardians of Green Space Vince Bushell Update on Beerline bike trail & Readco property swap – Youth Committee Self Wise Allah – Administration Nance Centz 7. District 5 Safety Update Jim Wilson Update on neighborhood meeting Update on September neighborhood clean up 8. City Wide Housing Coalition Jim Wilson Committees meet: 8:30-9PM, if desired. NEXT MEETING: Tuesday, September 14, 7PM