Rock’nRoll Evan

Evan Tyson walks in the room talking a mile a minute. “You gotta hear this CD! It’s the best disc this year so far!” Eagles of Death Metal blasts through the boom box. A campy hyper-speed Marc Bolan sound. The conversation careens through early ’70s glam rock and his fondness for such prog rockers as Roxy Music to the MC5 and the Stooges. “Why do you think such great music comes outta Detroit?” he asks rhetorically. “From Motown to the Stooges and great shit is still coming outta there today, White Stripes for instance, it’s ’cause Detroit is shit. Look at it! The fucking town is falling apart an’ great music, great art can come from that kind of mess.” Evan spins that kind of mess too. On a recent Monday night at Quarters Black Sabbath, Velvet Underground, T Rex, Zombies, Kinks, Beatles and various proto-punk sounds could be heard, blasting through the speakers mixed with Evans nefarious babble ranging from semi-automatic assault rifles to Alistair Crowley and somewhat obscure references to ’60s garage rock. He bought his first turntables at age 14 and immediately started learning to mix. No house, jungle, or drum-n-bass. Pure Rock n Roll. He has also been in bands. First was C-00. Most recently played with The Incoherent and was lead voice for The Abusers. Evan on bars in Milwaukee: “Man, sometimes I go into places an’ they’re so lame, shit, the bartender will roll his eyes when he sees me walk in cause I can be loud, but hell, I’m in a bar! Hell, if you can’t talk trash an’ get loud in a bar, where the fuck can ya?” Evan heads toward the door, turns and says “May your glass always be full, may you always have a roof over your head, may you be in heaven half an hour before the devil knows your dead. Keep an eye out for flyers and stop down and have a drink. All hail discordia. Amen.” Evan usually plays At Quarters on Monday nights but is on hiatus until Summerfest is over. Look for him at Foundation in a couple of weeks. PP D’CaCa is a free-lance writer and poet living in Riverwest.