Coleta’s Pizza Collective – BREAD AND ROSES

Coleta’s Pizza Collective Presents: Dinner and a Movie “Redefining how to eat a pizza!” This week’s feature film: BREAD AND ROSES Tonight (6/30) at 6pm Based on the 1999 janitor strike in Los Angeles, acclaimed director Ken Loach brings us the story of a group of immigant workers who take a stand against the multi-million dollar criminal corporations who employ them. Appalled at the working conditions and unfoair labor practices, newly arrived Maya teams up with Sam, a labor organizer, to fight their ruthless employer. FILM SCREENINGS EVERY WEDNESDAY, 6-8PM AT COLETA’S PIZZA COLLECTIVE 1567 W. OKLAHOMA AVENUE 414-671-6677 Coleta’s Pizza Collective – Worker owned and operated since 2002!