The Walker / Finley Walk of Shame

May 28 — As Memorial Day approaches, Citizens Allied for Sane Highways invites Wisconsin residents to view some of the graves in Wood National Cemetery and Beth Hamedrosh Hagodel Cemetery that will be covered by a freeway lane if the Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission has its way. [The pictures can be found here.] [url=] These graves in Wood — some of them well over 100 years old — are those of men and women who served our country in times of peril, as men and women are serving today. SEWRPC and some elected officials, led by Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker and Waukesha County Executive Dan Finley, believe protecting and honoring these graves is less important that widening the freeway so that commuters might be able to drive from downtown to the Zoo four minutes faster during rush hour, 20 years from now. Beth Hamedrosh in an Orthodox Jewish cemetery immediately west of Wood National Cemetery on I-94 just west of Miller Park. Under the SEWRPC proposal, an elevated freeway lane would overlap graves in these cemeteries, casting them in permanent shadow and subjecting them to falling ice, salt, garbage, and polluted freeway runoff. The SEWRPC plan is under review by the State Department of Transportation. Gov. Doyle has been silent on the potential desecration of these graves. Citizens Allied for Sane Highways is a coalition formed to opposed freeway expansion in Milwaukee.