Couch Flambeau

Taco Stand I Did a Power Slide in the Taco Stand: Anthology 1982-2001

Twenty-two years ago, a Milwaukee band calling themselves the Couch Potatoes first recorded their thoughts on Cudahy, guest lists, and some guy named Eddie (all thumbs down). The name changed to Couch Flambeau, but, fortunately for us all, their sanity only declined further over the next two decades, as detailed in 37 tracks now available for the first time on CD. The idea of humor in punk was not new even in 1982, but singer/guitarist/lead songwriter Jay Tiller has a way of putting things that elevate the band beyond the novelty level, announcing “gonna find a broken big wheel, put it in front of my mobile home” as though that were something that had to be carefully planned. His vocal delivery, simultaneously snot-nosed and dead serious, completes the effect. Even that variation might get old fast if the band’s intention was just to be weird, but while some songs do appear to exist just for that purpose (“Last Scorpion Hunt” and “Dog Show” come readily to mind), many have that vital ring of truth to them. “Scene Report” is an excellent shot at the hipster community, and “Hwy 100” is instantly recognizable to anyone who’s done time in suburbia as a teenager. Nor is the band’s prowess all lyrical; they play extremely well together and there are a few instrumentals on the disc. Granted, a few of the 37 songs seem less inspired than the others, but that’s a small price to pay for a truly unique look at the world.
Taco Stand

I Did a Power Slide in the Taco Stand: Anthology 1982-2001